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"can I use my food stamps on this?" -black people


"which school should i shoot up today?" - white people


- We’ll go back there. 
- You know nothing, Jon Snow.

Yo……..slick almost cried, but I was with the homies, so you know, I held that shit in.

You know nothing Jon Snow :’(

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Khalessi fuckin’ up.

Nah parents are fucking up. At least dany has fun with her dragon




suckin titties is not just something you do cuz you tryna get her wet

you do it for yourself.. you gotta do it for all ya boys that aint got a titty to suck.. do it for ya granddad that aint had no ass in in like 20 years.. suck the titty just cuz you havent sucked one in 2 days 

it’s an integral part of life

I feel this post in my soul, man.

Real shit

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